Thank you all for making 10th TWCS 2024 a grand success, To hear from us Stay tuned!

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About Our International Academic Conference

Academic conferences are a part of the scientific community that cannot be replaced. That is a reason why conferences are being conducted even during a pandemic, online, of course. These conferences are a platform for knowledge-sharing among peers. They also encourage and challenge intellectual minds to strive for excellence.

Texila World Conference provides you with the opportunity to learn about other research in your area and to share your work. All this, in an easy-to-access online platform. During your time at TWCS, you will find:

  • Researchers, administrators, or managers
  • Academic staff or faculty advisors
  • Students engaged in research or practice of peer support
  • Scientists of various disciplines

Join Texila’s 9th International Academic Conference, showcase your work, interact with like-minded people, and gain valuable knowledge.

Why Texila e-Conference

We provide a digital platform that connects thought provoking leaders, renowned speakers, and fellow researchers to exchange knowledge. Get inspired from the comforts of your place!

Showcasing Skills

Conferences act as a platform to share research work. Attract global audience, SME’s, and academicians with your presentation.

Knowledge Upgrade

Insights and opinions vary with people. You can learn from the greatest minds of the world when attending an academic conference of a global scale. 

Community Building

It’s no surprise that we can achieve more together. Academic conferences like TWCS allow you to socialize with the global research community and build yourself a circle of valuable peers.

Career Growth

Conferences help you widen your research activity and help you grow in your career. You can also get the exposure necessary to work for corporations, governments, and other bodies.

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Who to Attend

Research Scholars





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Under Graduate Students

Government Officials

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