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Texila 6th

World Conference for Scholars

"A Great Success"

About Our Conference

International Academic Conference

Academic conference is one of the excellent ways to improve knowledge and keep you updated with latest research in your field. An academic mind needs to be challenged and nourished. Texila World Conference is the best opportunity that gives you the feasibility to learn and share ideas through online platform. This academic conference is aimed to bring together leading researchers, academicians, peers and scientists in multi-disciplinary domains. Attend Texila’s 6th International academic conference and get the opportunity to showcase your skills, interact with likeminded people and get wisdom from people across the globe.

Texila Conference has come across numerous milestones in a short span. Want to be of the part of the most outstanding Academic conference and sharpen your knowledge? Be smart and join Texila's 6th Academic Conference!

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Audience educated


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We provide a digital platform that connects thought provoking leaders, renowned speakers and fellow researchers to exchange knowledge. Get inspired from the comforts of your place!

Showcasing Skills

Conferences act as a platform to share research work. Attract global audience, SME’s and peers with your presentation.

Knowledge Upgrade

People have different insights and opinion. Power yourself by learning from people joining from across boundaries.

Community Building

It’s no surprise- together we can achieve more. Meet-ups allow you to build a research community around you.

Career Growth

Conferences help you widen your research activity. Get opportunities from corporate, government and other bodies.

Why Attend


Attending TWCS, gives you an opportunity to widen your thinking and accelerate knowledge .It also allows you to construct and sharpen your own perspective on the latest developments by evaluating, assessing and assimilating the ideas presented by different academic personalities.


The main aim of attending TWCS is to present paper and when you present your paper in front of prime intellectual personalities you are benefited by their honest feedback highlighting the positive points while reflecting the points that need improvement.


TWCS can give you a excellent opportunity to meet and communicate with fellow researchers, attendees and experts from the same field. It not only helps you to widen your knowledge but also allows you to exchange views, create new relationships, learn new things and develop knowledge.


Another major reason to attend TWCS is increasing your chances of getting your work published and indexed. When you attend the conference as a participant and present your paper, you get an opportunity to get your paper published.


If you are looking for the refreshing break from your daily academic schedule without losing the touch with your regular work and academic responsibilities,TWCS is the right platform where you can participate at the ease of your location thus saving your cost ant time.

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