Accuracy of Paper

Be sure that the content you submit to an academic conference is error free and without grammatical mistakes. Accuracy in the work means, it's clear, not plagiarized and you only express your thoughts, ideas and expressions based on your own research


Abstract & Keyword

An abstract is a brief summary of a article of a particular subject and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper's purpose. An abstract is generally kept brief, but include the elements as:

  • A statement of the problem and objectives
  • A summary of employed methods or your research approach the significance of the proposed topic should become clear as well
  • A self-contained piece of writing that can be understood independently from the article

Keywords should indicate the topic area and the methodology of the paper. Keywords are most likely to retrieve, read and cite your article.



The research work should have enough information's to enable the reader to understand what was the work carried out, i.e., on what research were rate and what was the primary outcome measured and how it was defined.


Results & Conclusion

Should aim to narrate your research findings without trying to interpret or evaluate them & contributions.


Over all adherences to the scientific format

The paper is within the scope of the Journal
Originality of the Paper
The paper is free of technical errors
The paper is clearly readable
The figures are clear & do clearly convey the intended message
The length of the paper is appropriate


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