Robotics and Nano Technology

The field of robotics and nanotechnology holds a pivotal significance in its own periphery but its vitality can further be leveraged by the latest technologies like machine learning and AI. The industry’s distinct fraternity members will discuss the need of such collaborative approach and social, technical and ethical concerns about the role played by robotics and nanotechnology. Another pivotal topic will be deciphering the major challenges that are still holding it back from gaining the mainstream popularity. The interesting topics are sure to spring forth when the professionals, think-tank and researchers would present a 360 degree evaluation of the field.



Molecular Engineering

Bionanotechnology and Nanomedicine


Nanoscale Devices and Nanomaterials

Bio-Sensors and Bio-Microsystems

Medical Microsystems

Microfluidics (non-bio)

Robotics and Rehabilitation

Biologically Inspired Robotics

Robotic Surgery

Human Machine Interaction

Wearable Technologies

Brain Machine Interface


Robot Companions and Home Care

Technology Translation